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Filing Requirements

Information and Documents RequiredParis Convention ApplicationNon-Convention Application
Applicant Name and AddressAt FilingAt Filing
Name of Designer(s)At FilingAt Filing
Number of Designs in the ApplicationAt FilingAt Filing
Title of each DesignAt FilingAt Filing
Design (6 copies of each design)At FilingAt Filing
Identification of any New or Distinctive Features in each DesignAt FilingAt Filing
Priority Application Details (country / number / filing date)At FilingN/A
Certified Copy of Priority ApplicationLater (1)N/A
Verified English Translation of Priority ApplicationNormally Not Required (2)N/A

Filing Notes

  • N/A = Not Applicable to this type of application.
  1. A Certified Copy of the Priority Application is required only if requested by the Designs Office during examination or other proceedings.
  2. A Verified English Translation of a Priority Application, which is not in English, is required only if requested by the Designs Office during examination or other proceedings.

Identification of any new or distinctive features, if it is desired to mention these in a Statement of Newness and Distinctiveness when filing the design application.

Notes on Design Procedure

A design application can be made in respect of one or more designs. In the case of multiple designs contained in one application, the design is effectively treated as multiple applications, and will result in multiple registrations providing that requests for registration are filed in respect of the designs.

A design application may be accompanied by a request for registration of each design covered by the application, at the time of filing, but in any event requests for registration must be filed within six months of the priority date for each design. Failure within the required time to lodge a request for registration of a design will result in the design application lapsing in respect of the design for which the request for registration is outstanding.