About Golja Haines & Friend

Golja Haines & Friend is a firm of Australian and New Zealand patent and trade marks attorneys. We provide services in obtaining patent, trade mark, registered design, and related intellectual property rights in Australia, New Zealand and other overseas jurisdictions, in addition to advice in connection with enforcement of these rights. We aim to provide a quality service that is commercially relevant to the needs of our clients.



We are pleased to announce that the private firms of Golja Haines & Friend and IP Sentinels have merged in order to become a stronger provider of patent and trade mark attorney services for our clients and bring to your attention our new Principal Attorneys.


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intellectual property

The product of intellectual property is around all of us in our day to day lives. In fact, it is so pervasive that most of us would not give it a second thought. From the latest high definition panels and the patented technology incorporated within, to patented pharmaceutical products, from the look of the latest cellular phone handsets, to the trade marks or brands on clothing; these are but a few examples of the product of intellectual property.

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gloal assist

Global Assist is an information gateway focussed on the needs of patent attorneys, trade mark attorneys and other IP professionals, based in other countries, who are looking for information on the filing and prosecution practice for patent, trade mark and design applications in Australia. Global Assist presents the basic filing information in a user-friendly format, highlighting important aspects of Australian practice.