Intellectual Property | How We Can Help

How We Can Help

Golja Haines & Friend are available to provide advice in relation to the protection of your new invention or design, or your trade mark. We welcome your telephone enquiry, and offer a free first consultation, during which your options for protecting your intellectual property can be discussed, and a course of action determined.

Services provided by Golja Haines & Friend include the following:

Strategic Advice

  • consultation and formulation of intellectual property protection strategies
  • intellectual property investigation
  • intellectual property due-diligence reports
  • assignment of intellectual property
  • licensing of intellectual property


  • patent searching and investigation
  • patent infringement opinions
  • preparation of patent specifications
  • filing patent applications within and outside of Australia
  • patent application prosecution
  • patent oppositions
  • validity actions in connection with patents
  • patent enforcement and litigation support

Trade Marks

  • trade mark searching and investigation
  • trade mark infringement opinions
  • filing trade mark applications within and outside of Australia
  • trade mark application prosecution
  • trade mark oppositions
  • non-use removal and other validity actions in connection with trade marks
  • trade mark enforcement and litigation support


  • registered design searching and investigation
  • registered design infringement opinions
  • preparation of design applications
  • filing design applications within and outside of Australia
  • design application prosecution
  • validity actions in connection with registered designs
  • registered design enforcement and litigation support